Marketing, Lead Generation, Law Office Systems

DWLuebert.com is dedicated to the marketing and streamlining of attorney offices located primarily in major cities and DMA’s around the world. WE are focused on doing the work and not putting the work back on YOU our clients, leaving them more time to dedicate to their case load.

We take great pride in supplying the best quality services to corporations, law firms, and lawyers.
The marketing mix now that is accessible for law firms is a lot better today than it has been in years past. Consistently over time and performed correctly, advertising strategies and public relations will be the effective and best method to attain or preserve comprehension and knowledge in prospect, a customer or referral source. Selling and marketing your services stays foundational and vital. A fee arrangement cannot be negotiated by any level of marketing or public relations and you need to free up the time to do your job right.

Our task is really to help companies identify and execute a culturally-appropriate, executable, economical combination of all four components; sales promotion, personal selling, marketing and public relations. There isn’t any cookie cutter solution to what the most effective combination might be for your law firm. We must take attention and jointly find– through external and internal research — an approach consistent using the company’s name, one that enlarges and enriches essential relationships and, above all, one that doesn’t seem solicitous. Ultimately, whatever is done has to be executed at acceptable price.

Companies have been helped by us reduce their overhead, bring in more customers, create marketing and business plans, create their own niche in the marketplace and locate a lot more gratification in their lives as well as in their practice.
We concentrate on supplying exceptional service and customer satisfaction and know the unique technology requirements of law firms.

Our assignment will be to make law firms more productive and prosperous, while supplying greater satisfaction to attorneys.