Charleston Attorneys Tell Trends in Technology Changing Law Firm Marketing

Charleston AttorneysWe’re used to looking at technology trending information via lists. But those trending lists invariably discuss the way these trends affect the much wider market. Although mobile interaction is again expected to grow significantly in 2015, it will not have that noticeable influence on law firms or the practicing of law. What are the technology trends that lawyers and law firms should be paying attention to and how will it affect the legal marketplace? Here are some interesting facts from the Charleston Attorneys . Please feel free to visit them for more information at

Four technology trends that law firms simply cannot ignore and that all businesses could use:

1. Social Networking
Social networking continues to grow at an amazing rate. When Google+ acquired 10 million users in a little over two weeks, one only needs to look and see that it took FaceBook and Twitter almost two years to get that number of users. 855 million people have Facebook accounts. For professionals in the field of law, where private information is certainly key, all forms of networking help. They make it easier to show the habits of an individual and what they do, making it simpler to get referrals. Regardless of whether one uses Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or other social media sites, these networking avenues are of large benefit to law firm marketing.

2. Unique Written Content
Written unique content marketing is more and more important. Content marketing is publishing unique information for getting visibility. Because of increased indexing, tagging and support, written content is surely an increasingly important method of gaining online awareness. This trend helps lawyers more than nearly all other professions because: attorneys are good writers; they have information that folks need; and useful content material that others hyperlink to leads to high search engine rankings.

3. Mobile Marketing
7% of all United States online traffic occurred from mobile devices. While this is vital for location-based information, it doesn’t actually help lawyers. Mobile technologies for example such as e-mail devices, have a profound effect on the law profession. Today, clients expect an immediate response because they know lawyers take their smart phones with them. If a law firm’s website isn’t mobile friendly, it is at a competing disadvantage.

4. Utilizing Online Videos

Video is an exciting medium which is growing at a fantastic rate. 81% in the United States enjoy video online. Video is a vital medium because it has the capacity to show attorneys and how their action can help. Where a composed article can display a lawyer’s skills, a video may help show who the lawyer is. In addition, video is incredibly favored in search results, so if you might have created a video over a specifically searched topic, chances are it will appear higher in position in search results than your competitors message.

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