Consider These 6 Tips Before Buying Your New Boat

Sail Boats for sale inFinding boats for sale is not only a huge investment of your time, it is going to be a huge financial investment today and for the years you own your boat. Too many new boat buyers make the mistake of jumping into that new boat because of the allure of the freedom of being out on the water, only to discover that costs keep adding up every month.

Before you make this huge commitment, here are a few tips that will ensure you get the most out of this purchase.

1. Test Driving Several Boats
Head over to a local boat dealer or some local boat shows and get in those boats to see which size is right for you. Too many buyers make the mistake of gong too big too early and then have to sell their boat too soon.

2. Get on the Water
If you have friends who own boats, get out as many times as you can on the water. Start to see what is involved with owning a boat, from trailering, docking, storing, to maintaining. This is a unique lifestyle you really need to be committed to.

3. Creating a Financial List
In addition to the cost of the boat, you have to designate how much money you need to set aside each month in order to maintain the boating lifestyle. Be sure to include on your list costs for maintenance, repairs, fuel, dock fees, storage fees, licensing, insurance, and costs for accessories and a trailer.

4. Subscribe to a Boating Magazine
Investing a few dollars in a boating magazine subscription could save you a fortune down the road if you decide early this is not for you. Another inexpensive alternative is to head to the library and read the magazines on boating there at no cost.

5. Consider a Used Boat
While nothing can replace buying a new boat, a used boat does have its advantages. The seller may have purchased numerous costly accessories that are now included in the price. These are things you need that you no longer have to buy like life jackets, pumps, bumpers, fishing poles, and more.

6. Consider Safety School
Boating insurance can be a very costly expenditure each month. There is a good chance you can get a reduction on those rates by attending a boating school safety program. Nothing can substitute safety on the water when it comes to protecting those passengers on the boat.

Follow a few of these simple boat buying tips and you will get the most of this fun, exciting, and exhilarating new activity.