How to Get Testimonials – DUI Attorney Columbia SC Tells How!

DUI Attorney Columbia SCMany lawyers don’t consider adding new testimonials to up-date the website. Especially if their clientele are DUI related. They simply request a review on LinkedIn, asking for some help with testimonials. The best customers are perfectly prepared to provide the review. The problem that you run into when asking for any testimonial without delivering guidelines is you will probably receive poorly worded testimonials.  So, here is some advice from a DUI attorney Columbia SC on the best methods for obtaining them.

Bad testimonials don’t disparage the lawyer, they tend to rather praise the law firm. Unfortunately, those raving reviews are vague, which can bring about the feeling that this particular law firm actually wrote those reviews themselves. Even when readers don’t think the testimonials were fake, they don’t really carry much weight if they are chock full of weird superlatives and little substance and detail. These types of reviews tend to leave that reader with little understanding of the services the lawyer provided.

The same problems may appear with unsolicited testimonials. That grateful customer writes a nice note telling the law firm how grateful they may be. That lawyer will then ask for permission for the client’s words to be used for a testimonial on the lawyer’s website. The right time to seek the testimonials is only when the client’s goals are met, when your customer is grateful for the work, or asks how they can in turn help the law firm.

These unique customer reviews don’t always have to specifically name the client by their full name especially difficult to obtain in DUI cases. That anonymous review might have little value, it’s going to have the most effect if it shows the story from the view of the client experience when utilizing the services of the lawyer. Those stories have no chance as being seen as created by the lawyer himself. The readable review telling a tale is more believable.

Marketing consultants will inform you to get testimonials based on results, however for the majority of law firms, these are difficult to obtain, mostly because clients won’t reveal any of the specifics of their unique legal issues. Some of that may be fixed by providing testimonials with disclaimers. Result based reviews with a disclaimer tend to take away from the legitimacy of the testimonial. Testimonials that mainly concentrate on service provided while telling the reader that they were happy about the outcome packs a much more powerful punch.

These honest testimonials are easier to believe by readers because they tend to sound exactly like the was the reader would speak if they were happy with the legal counsel provided. To Find more information visit:

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